Vélo Folie : Vélocipèdes

Lively temporary exhibition - Péronne
From June 16 to 23

The visit “CYCLEXPO”, presented by “Kimagine.fr”, is exuberant in history and humour, and will yield you many secrets about ancient cycles up, from the origin of the wheel, including the dandy-horse and the creation of the “Tour de France”, to the thirties.

A fascinating retrospective of ancient bikes that went down in the history of innovation and individual mobility. Find out about cycles from the 19th century, rare parts and captivating stories which explain the evolution of the bicycle.

From the dandy-horse to the penny-farthing, each cycle is a first-hand account of the human ingenuity and its relentless quest for liberty and adventure. Not only are these timeless machines means of transport, but also a reflection of an era, a society, and an everlasting passion.

Come and join us for this memorable journey into the past and let yourself bury in the simplicity and the beauty of these mechanical masterpieces.


Among the many old cycles (period pieces and reproductions) presented, you will be able to admire the Célérifere (1790), the Draisienne (1817), the Hobby Horse (1819), the Vélocipède Michaux (1861), the Grand-Bi Truffault ( 1875), the Folding Bike of Captain Gérard (1892), the Française Diamant (1898), the Peugeot (1903), the Alcyon (1904), the De Dion-Bouton (1913), the Magnat Debon with gearbox ( 1920), …

You could go back home with a very personal souvenir!


Only by reservation at +33(0)3 22 83 14 18

Entry fee at the exceptional price of 5€!

Cyclist from the 36th infantry regiment.
Advertising poster for the ALCYON bicycle for the Tour de France 1910, Jobart Frères, Lille, publisher.