Thiepval Museum

Dedicated to the Battles of the Somme, and particularly the great battle of 1916, the Thiepval museum explores the history of the war and the memories of those involved, interweaving different perspectives from all sides of the conflict. The museum offers a uniquely immersive visitor experience, including the vast panoramic representation of the offensive of 1st July 1916 created by artist Joe Sacco.

Not far from the Thiepval Memorial, one of the world’s most grandiose commemorative monuments, the Historial Visitor Centre and Battlefield Museum preserve the memory of the First World War.

The Visitor Centre recounts the history of the Great War, the 1916 Battle of the Somme and the Memorial. The Museum is divided into 7 independent but interlinked spaces, addressing different aspects of the Battles of the Somme. A glass print spanning some 60 metres, Joe Sacco’s epic fresco offers a visual narrative of the events of 1st July 1916.