Péronne: Historical Museum

A leading museum dedicated to WWI, the Historial of the Great War captures the sheer scope and magnitude of the first global conflict, exploring its cultural, social and military dimensions The perspectives of the three main warring parties on Europe’s Western Front (France, Germany and the United Kingdom) are interwoven thanks to abundant testimony from the front lines and other records of life during the war.

Located between the centre of Péronne and the Etang du Cam lake, the Historial is housed in a neo-modernist building designed by architect Henri-Édouard Ciriani, on the grounds of a medieval castle.

In the castle itself, the Guard Room offers a condensed local history: the Château de Péronne, the region, and the Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin.
The modern museum building contains 5 permanent exhibition spaces and 2 audio-visual rooms retracing the entire history of the Great War, its origins and its consequences.