History done differently

That has been the motto of the Historial of the Great War since its foundation in 1992, by the Somme Departmental Council.

Historial is a modern coinage, a portmanteau of the words history and memorial, intended to reflect the dual identity of the Historial’s two museums in Péronne and Thiepval. Adopting a pioneering international approach, the Historial offers a comparative vision of European societies at war.

Péronne: Historical Museum

An internationally-respected historical institution, the museum helps us to better understand this global conflict, combining stories from the front with glimpses of life away from the battlefield, interweaving the perspectives of the three main warring parties on the Western Front.

L’entrée du musée de Thiepval

Dedicated to the Battles of the Somme, the museum offers a uniquely immersive visitor experience, including the vast panoramic representation of the offensive of 1st July 1916 created by artist Joe Sacco. The museum explores this history and the memories of those involved, interweaving the perspectives of the warring parties.